Trends: Commercial Construction Ventura County

Commercial Construction Ventura County

Trends in Commercial Construction of Ventura County

It’s no surprise that the construction industry in Ventura County has boomed since the start of the year. A major influx of construction is benefiting the region. Most of this boom is due to new investment within the commercial sector and a need for office space and living space for expanding companies. 

Within the commercial construction sector; outside businesses have been attracted to Ventura County’s location, cost of living, and housing market. Technology companies and commercial office firms are beginning stray away from the hustle and bustle of LA, and invest in new office space within Ventura County, in particular the City of Ventura. 

The City of Ventura is host to a major technology company, the Trade Desk, which now has two locations in downtown Ventura. It is likely that other companies will follow suite and create a “hub” of business within the downtown sector. 

The construction design trends have noticeably been contemporary and modern office construction. As construction materials become more cost effective, businesses can have more design features. A major construction trend in Ventura County is the open ceiling  feature. This layout opens up the ceiling of an existing space to the roof structure, which exposes structural beams and trusses. This gives the construction of the space a rustic and industrial design. 

With the need of housing within Ventura County, numerous apartment construction projects have popped up to meet the demand of more housing for millennials and young families. An innovative way to minimize sprawl but maximize housing is the live/work or micro apartment development. This way there is a mix of apartment construction and commercial construction, which helps the cities grow into new urban environments. 

Lastly, there is still a large influx of tenant improvement projects within Ventura County. Small to large scale firms have been undergoing tenant improvement projects and expanding operations through interior construction. New development is still slow in Ventura County, but not unheard of. There have been numerous concrete tilt-up buildings constructed within the last year, and it seems that projects that were on hold are now proceeding to construction. 

Nu-Line Partners Inc. is consistently at the forefront of construction and design trends within Ventura County. We specialize in commercial construction, industrial construction, tenant improvements, live/work construction, new construction, concrete tilt-ups, and much more. We operate in Ventura, Camarillo, Oxnard, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Santa Monica, and San Luis Obispo. 

Trends: Commercial Construction Ventura County